Knowing that discrimination cannot be completely prevented in the university context, protection against discrimination is an important and indispensable element. The aim is to ensure that the working and living conditions at the university are equal and sensitive to discrimination through measures to protect against discrimination. Diversity, and with it the appreciation of diversity, is a requirement for excellence and innovation in education and research.

What is discrimination?

In the legal sense, discrimination is understood to be the unequal treatment of a person on the basis of protected grounds of discrimination, without there being any factual justification for this. Discrimination occurs when the same is treated differently, but also when persons with different conditions are treated equally. This form of injustice can manifest itself in the actions of a person, in regulations or measures.

According to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the following characteristics are considered worthy of protection:

  • racist attributions
  • ethnic origin
  • gender (also includes trans and inter* persons)
  • religion or world view (also includes non-affiliation to a religion or world view)
  • disability
  • age
  • sexual identity.

The outcome of the unequal treatment, not the intention or motive behind it, is essential for the assessment of discrimination. In addition, for a higher education institution that wishes to prevent discrimination, other characteristics are of significant relevance and worthy of protection, such as family status, social origin or chronic diseases.

New offer: Employee networks

The networks are supposed to provide an informal place for employees to come together on a voluntary basis to share common interests, goals or experiences.

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Protect against discrimination

The University of Bonn sees itself as responsible for ensuring the protection of the personal rights of all members and for sanctioning any violations of these rights. It therefore fulfils its duty to work against any kind of discrimination, to create an environment free of discrimination and violence, and to take a clear stance against racism and discrimination. Protection against discrimination is understood as a cross-sectional task that promotes a culture of looking and naming and asks all members to take responsibility for themselves and others. To ensure this, inequalities at the structural and action levels are taken into account.

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit works to ensure that protection against discrimination is implemented in all areas of the university in order to guarantee equal and discrimination-free teaching, research, work and study for all university members. For this purpose, the Office develops strategies and measures, carries out networking work and, besides other things, offers empowerment services for those affected.


Policies for Protection Against Sexualized Discrimination and Violence

The policy for Protection Against Sexualized Discrimination and Violence outlines principles of conduct, procedures and potential responses with regard to cases of sexualized discrimination and violence. 

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What can be done in case of discrimination?

Administrative Office for Protection against Discrimination (AGG Complaints Office)

The Administrative Office for Protection against Discrimination (AGG Complaints Office) receives complaints from employees, students and also third parties who experience discrimination on the basis of their ethnic origin or on racist grounds, their gender, their religion or world view, their disability, their age or their sexual identity. They receive information, advice and support in representing their interests there.

Contact points & networks

Counseling services

Under the following link you will find counseling services offered by Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit, which you can contact in the event of discrimination.

Networks for employees

Click here to find the networks for employees of the University of Bonn.

Student stakeholders

Here you can find student initiatives, units and counselling services that deal with diversity dimensions in terms of anti-discrimination.

Point of Contact LGBTQIA*

Here you can find support and counselling in all matters related to disadvantage and discrimination based on gender or gender identity.

Help in cases of sexualised discrimination

If you have been the victim of sexualised discrimination and/or violence, you can find suitable contact points here.

Further offers regarding Anti-Discrimination

 Name and data changes

If you are a trans*, inter* or non-binary person and would like to change your name and/or civil status, you can find more information at the following link.

Free menstrual products

The University of Bonn provides its students with free menstrual products. All information about the project can be found here.


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Advisor for Anti-Discrimination

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Naomi Salbert

Advisor for Anti-Discrimination

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