Standing up to discrimination

Inclusion and protection against discrimination

Dealing with (structural) racism and discrimination is a challenge that German universities, including the University of Bonn, face. Racism is an issue that should be looked at intersectionally. The concept of anti-discrimination also includes other disadvantaged groups, which the University of Bonn would also like to support. Likewise, the dimension of inclusion is becoming increasingly important and is a cross-cutting issue that reaches into many areas of the university.

Inclusion and participation

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Fostering an inclusive environment in which people can work, study and conduct research is a way to reduce the barriers preventing them from participating on an equal footing. It can give individuals from all backgrounds access to higher education and university life. Dismantling environmental and/or attitudinal barriers allows people, especially those with a disability, to play an active role in designing their own living spaces at university.

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Counseling services

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit offers various counseling options, which are presented here.

Protection Against Sexualized Violence

A new policy document outlines principles of conduct, procedures and potential responses with regard to cases of sexualized discrimination and violence.

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Early name and data change

Transgender, non-binary, and intersex people can change their name and/or gender marker on University documentation without having to present a court order.

Report discrimination anonymously

If you have been affected by an incident of sexualized discrimination and/or violence, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of gender discrimination, you can contact the University's Gender Equality Office at any time.


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Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity unit assists and advises the Rectorate on the (further) development of concepts and strategies for promoting equal opportunity and diversity.


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