Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit supports and advises the Rectorate in the (further) development of concepts and strategies to promote equal opportunities and diversity, supports and networks organizational units, academics and staff of the University of Bonn in the planning and implementation of activities in the field of equal opportunities, identifies good practice measures, ensures their transfer and contributes to the establishment of an organizational culture characterized by mutual appreciation and recognition.

Diversity Days 2022

On the occasion of the 10th nationwide Diversity Day, we will celebrate the Diversity Days at the University of Bonn from May 30 to June 01, 2022. The program includes a poster exhibition, the "Fair of Opportunities" and the theme day "Diversity and Family".


What does the University of Bonn mean by diversity and why is the topic relevant for all members of the university? 

Promoting diversity across the university

What support services and projects are currently offered and carried out by our partners at the University of Bonn?

STEP (Support) Programme

The programme is designed to recruit young female scientists and professors and to specifically promote female scientists at all career stages.

Free Menstrual Products

The University of Bonn is now offering free menstrual products for students. The project is in the pilot phase during the 2022 summer semester.

News and Events

Here you can find the current projects, workshops and events of the staff unit that deal with the different dimensions of diversity in everyday university life.

Ideas and suggestions

Feel free to contact us if you have ideas or suggestions for our work.

Equal Opportunity at the University of Bonn

As a learning organization, the University views diversity in its community, including different capabilities, characters, experiences, constitutions, life journeys and ways of living, as both an enrichment and a challenge. When activated through networking, diversity is an essential component to revealing different potential approaches to problems, which in turn opens new perspectives, ideas, lines of questioning and ultimately more comprehensive solutions. As such, the entire University community benefits from broadened horizons and a more effective use of resources.

The University itself reflects the remarkably open and international atmosphere of the city of Bonn. The University's deep ties to its region and its broad national and international networks have positioned it as an important player in promoting equal opportunity.

Promotion of educational justice, good working conditions, reliable career perspectives and needs-oriented services are among the obligations that the University of Bonn voluntarily accepts on itself. It can only succeed in its efforts when there is a comprehensive understanding of equal opportunity and by bringing appropriate changes to its own structural framework conditions.

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