Pathways to Research

The new Pathways to Research programme for university and doctoral students was launched in spring 2023. The next application period will be announced here.

The Idea

The Pathways to Research program is part of the University of Bonn’s current Excellence Initiative and is designed to support young people and early-career researchers with a refugee or migration background. It is our aim to support current students and doctoral students at the University of Bonn during their degree program and doctoral studies. Through the program, we want participants to get to know role models and to establish new social contacts.

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The program is made up of two support instruments—one each for university students and doctoral students—that offer different activities and opportunities for support.


The programs for students and doctoral students take place in both German and English.


Pathways to Research is being coordinated by the Vice Rectorate for Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit.

Structure and Organization

The links below contain more details of the different programs, participation criteria, application documents and application deadlines.

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University Students

You can find information on the application procedure for university students here.

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Doctoral Students

You can find information on the application procedure for doctoral students here.


At the time of application, interested candidates do not yet have to be enrolled at the University of Bonn. However, enrollment and related proof is necessary to start the program. 

No, it is not possible to be part of the Pathways to Research program if you are a university student / doctoral student and already receive another scholarship. The only exception is a scholarship dedicated exclusively to buying books for university students with a monthly funding of up to 30 EUR. 

Yes, obtaining funding from Pathways to Research and BAföG simultaneously is possible. 

No, this is not necessary. It is important that the recommendation letter is from a teaching staff member of the University of Bonn and ideally by somebody who knows you well enough. It could also be from a tutor or degree programme manager. 

As long as it is not a job where social security contributions are mandatory, both is possible at the same time in many cases. In any case, the job has to be mentioned and it will be checked if it is compatible with the scholarship. 

School students: if you are interested, you can extend your participation for a second semester without having to apply again. University students: you can apply for another 12 months of funding / support. Doctoral students can apply for an extension of up to six months to their funding. 

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you may apply one more time for the program. 

No, a translation is not necessary, just send the documents as they are. 

No, this is not possible. Interested doctoral students have to present a professor overseeing their doctoral studies at the time of application already. 


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