06. October 2022

Name and data changes without a court order Early name and data change for transgender students

Transgender students can now change their name and gender marker early

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At the University of Bonn, transgender, nonbinary and intersex people have the possibility to request a change of first name and/or gender marker in the university systems (incl. examination offices and certification) in advance - i.e. without a court order according to the Transsexual Act (TSG). The basis for this is a standardized form, which can be used to request the corresponding change at the responsible offices (Student Registry, Human Resource Management, HRZ-IdM). The prerequisite is the presentation of the dgti supplementary ID card. Further information can be found directly in the corresponding application form.

Students can enroll at the University of Bonn with their desired information prior to an official change of name and/or gender entry if they apply for this using the form provided for this purpose and present their dgti supplementary ID card. If an early change of name and/or gender entry is requested after enrollment, the data recorded in the system can be changed upon request as well.

Persons employed at the University of Bonn may also request an early change of name and/or gender entry upon hiring or in the course of their employment under the same conditions as students. Again, presentation of the dgti supplemental ID card and completion of the appropriate change form is sufficient.

The possibility of changing the first name and/or the gender entry before an official change is also available to small secondary students, guest students, special guest students of a continuing education program or cooperative study program, participants of the "FFF" gifted support project, or owners of a Uni-ID according to the specifications of the regulations for access to the services of the University of Bonn for the group "freelancers", if they request this by presenting the dgti supplementary ID card with the form at the beginning or in the course of their connection to the University of Bonn.

All important information about the process and the required documents can be found here.

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