(STEP 3a) Tailored Sponsoring of Research for Female Professors

What is the purpose of this funded initiative?

The Onboarding and Commitment STEP aims to provide a smooth start for female researchers joining the University of Bonn and to increase the attractiveness of professorships for female researchers during appointment and retention negotiations. A research grant for female professors is provided, targeted to the specific needs of the applying researcher. This is intended to ensure that the professor can prepare, begin and even expand on her research as quickly as possible after her appointment or retention negotiations. Regardless of third-party funded projects, this is intended to promote the researcher's academic career.

What does the funding include?

In addition to the appointment funds, the University will provide flexible funding as part of the appointment or retention negotiations for female academics in the context of W2 or W3 professorships. These can for example involve limited-time financing of additional academic staff or support with teaching obligations during the start phase. The scope of funding will be defined on a case-by-case basis in cooperation between the researcher and the Rectorate.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications can be submitted by all faculties and central research institutes at the University of Bonn. The application to the Rectorate must be made by the dean of the respective faculty or by the managing director of the central research institutes, in coordination with the female researcher.

What is the application submission procedure?

Please contact us before submitting your application. We will conduct a personal discussion to clarify the specific situation and potential funding options.

What documents are required in the event that funding is to be provided?

  • A brief supporting letter indicating the proposed funding
  • Tabular curriculum vitae, incl. research orientation and index of publications, for the female researcher

What are the selection criteria?

  • Importance for strengthening gender equality in the department
  • Integration of the female academic within the research and instructional context of the University of Bonn

What is the deadline for applying?

Proposals can be submitted throughout the year.

Contact for questions

Prof. Dr. Irmgard Förster

Prorektorat für Chancengerechtigkeit und Diversität 


+49 (0)228 73 68758


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