Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship for Female Postdoctoral Researchers

What is the purpose of this funded initiative?

The objective of the Project Grant STEP is a short-term scholarship to provide financial security for female post-doctoral researchers while preparing grants applications to a sponsoring organization (funding line 1) or for the period between submission of the grant proposal and the results of the examiner’s review (funding line 2). The temporary financing via the Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship for Female Postdoctoral Researchers offers academics the chance to prepare their own research project for submission with an organization that sponsors research and to engage in their own research during the review period. This reflects the University of Bonn's overarching goal of increasing the number of female researchers and instructors and supporting their careers effectively from the start.

What does the funding include?

The funding totals EUR 2,700 monthly net and in some cases a supplementary allowance for children of EUR 200 for the first and second child respectively, up to a maximum of EUR 400. To be eligible for the allowance, the child/children must live in the same household as the researcher and their legal guardian must not be eligible for Kindergeld in Germany. The scholarship in either funding line runs for a maximum of 12 months, with the option of extension by a further 6 months.

Funding line 1 should be used to formulate a grant proposal to be submitted to a sponsoring organization.

Funding line 2 is intended to provide financial security for early-career female researchers during the period while their grant proposal is being reviewed by the sponsoring organization.

Who is eligible to apply?

Application is open to female postdoctoral researchers who completed their doctoral studies no more than six years in the past. That period will be lengthened by two years per child to account for childcare periods. Parental leave is not calculated into this time frame, however. The applicant must be in a research field that ensures academic advice for the early-career researcher in question. The content of the proposal should be supported by a  female professor of the University of Bonn. Beyond this, an institutional tie to the University of Bonn throughout the entire qualification phase must be ensured.

What documents are needed to apply?

  • Brief cover letter
  • Letter of support
  • Sketch (concept paper) of the research project or grant proposal, either already submitted or just ahead of submission to a sponsoring organization
  • Tabular curriculum vitae incl. index of publications for the early-career researcher in question

What are the selection criteria for appointment?

Quality and originality of the research project by the early-career female researcher

What is the application submission procedure?

Please use the following application form for all application submissions: Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship.

What is the deadline for applying?

Applications for funding to begin on or after 1.9. can be submitted by 1.5. of the respective calendar year, applications for funding to begin on or after 1.3. can be submitted by 1.11. of the previous year.

Contact for questions

Dr. Agnes Derjanecz

Deputy Head of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit

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