Policies for Protection Against Sexualized Discrimination and Violence

Sexualized discrimination and violence are not tolerated at the University of Bonn. Indeed discrimination of any kind has no place at the University of Bonn as a workplace (it should go without saying), where we cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between all students, faculty, staff and visitors. In line with its governance role, the Rectorate takes responsibility for ensuring protection of the rights of the individual to personal freedom, dignity, and privacy; furthermore to pursue violations of these policies and to implement corresponding preventive measures.

This policy document was published on March 2, 2023 and outlines principles of conduct, procedures and potential responses with regard to cases of sexualized discrimination and violence. This document replaces the previous “University of Bonn Policies Addressing Sexual Harassment” dated December 20, 2011. All individuals falling within the scope of these policies are to sensitize regarding the need to ensure a non-discriminatory and non-violent campus, and are called upon to actively support these policy aims as students, faculty or staff members.

In case of emergency

In case of acute emergencies, call Campus Security on +49 228 73-7444. Campus Security is available to help you around the clock, even on weekends.

In case of acute danger, you can also always contact the police on 110.

Report a case of discrimination

If you have been affected by an incident of Sexualised discrimination and violence, sexism, homophobia or transphobia yourself or have observed such incidents among others, you can contact the University Gender Equality Commissioner in confidence at any time.

Contacts and Counseling Sources for Incidents of Sexualized Discrimination and Violence

The primary University-internal and external contact points for staff and students to turn to for advice and counseling are listed here. This list is not exhaustive.

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Administrative Office for Anti-Discrimination Matters (complaints desk per the General Equality Act [AGG])

Employees, students and third parties who feel discriminated against can contact the Administrative Office for Anti-Discrimination Matters for information, advice and representation of their interests.

Central Gender Equality Commissioner

The University Gender Equality Commissioner provides initial consultations and is available to answer questions arising at any point in the consultation and complaint processes. Click here to report a case of discrimination directly to the Gender Equality Office (german).

Faculty Gender Equality Officers

The gender equality officers of the respective faculties also provide initial consultations.

Counseling offers for University staff

Stephan Rothes
Phone: + 49 228 73-5060
Email: srothes@uni-bonn.de
Web page: http://www.uni-bonn.de/mitarbeiterberatung

Counseling offers for students

Contacts for psychotherapy, physician consultation and psychological support

Stephan Rothes
Phone: + 49 228 73-5060
Email: srothes@uni-bonn.de
Web page: http://www.uni-bonn.de/mitarbeiterberatung

Phone: +49 0228 287 19242 or -16176
Email: Betriebsaerztlicherdienst@ukbonn.de
Web page: https://www.ukbonn.de/ueber-uns/stabsstellen/betriebsaerztlicher-dienst/

The staff physicians office provides individual consultation and advice services for University staff experiencing health problems and stress at work.

Phone: + 49 228 287-16299
Web page: https://www.ukbonn.de/psychosomatische-medizin-und-psychotherapie/

The Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at University Hospital Bonn provides inpatient treatment for those with psychological and psychosomatic conditions as well as outpatient diagnostic consultations.

External counseling services

Web page: https://beratung-bonn.de/Beratung-und-begleitung/#beratungsangebot

Phone and in-person counseling and acute crisis intervention services are available to any individuals affected by sexualized violence in any form. Services are provided taking the individual needs and resources of the affected individuals into account.

Phone: +49 800 1239900
Web page: https://www.maennerhilfetelefon.de

Males can contact the Helpline for Violence Against Men and utilize the counseling services advertised on the corresponding website:

Web page: https://www.bonn.de/themen-entdecken/soziales-gesellschaft/gewalt-gegen-frauen.php

The City of Bonn offers advice and personal support concerning sexual harassment. A list of counseling providers primarily catering to women can be found here.

Phone: +49 8000 116 016

The Helpline for Violence Against Women is for women to call who have experienced sexualized harassment.


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